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This is my Spanish language blog. Majority of posts here will be written in that language. I think it will be helpful if you are trying to learn Spanish. There are also some English posts, but a few. If you want to follow my English blog, go to the one.

You will find personal ideas and judgments about SQUiSiT interest in the Spanish market, comments on news that have caught my attention and about which I feel I can have something to say, as well as reviews of my activity elsewhere or from my friends: press articles, social media, interviews, etc. You will see that I do not have a special vocation to be “the first who discovers or explains something”, but instead trying to add value to what is said, seasoning it with my opinion or third party investigations about it. All this in a relaxed, informal tone that allows an adequate dialogue with commentators, who are in many cases the ones that add value to the page.

SQUiSiT is a group of people with different interests. I am managing sales at, a Real Estate Portal & Property Advertising. It is a really nice adventure together to a high level team. I have more than 10 years in the real estate market focus on rural properties in the Mediterranean area of Spain.  Accompanied by  other colleagues like Ernest Liebermann, we founded SQUiSiT in London (UK) to provide services to Spanish Real Estate agencies and people interested in estate investments in Spain.

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I was working as a Real Estate Consultant at CENTURY 21, the biggest Real Estate network worldwide. I was focus on promoting the city of Barcelona, as one of the most interesting places to invest today. We have helped so many Real Estate agencies to show their listings in the international market. Right now, we have a huge portfolio of rural properties coming from different rural estate agencies at our Facebook page SQUiSiT Countryside. For residential market, you can follow SQUiSiT Mediterranean HomesI would like to help you finding the right place for your new life or a perfect holidays in the Mediterranean Coast of Spain through our new Short Stay service SQUiSiT Mediterranean Experiences

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Finally, we are also involved in helping foreign students to settle in Spain and pursue university studies at the most prestigious universities. It does not matter if they come to Spain for a short Master or for a long Bachelor degree. We will help them by selecting the best option for their studies and for accommodation in Spain. We accompany them throughout the whole stay, solving any problem that may arise.
I would also like to introduce you to the Spanish language. So, this blog may contain a lot of Spanish posts. It will be helpful to initiate you in the adventure of living, studying or having a break in Spain.


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